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Bluestones One Induction

Induction video

Please watch the Induction video and then take the Induction questionnaire below. 

Induction video

Induction Questionnaire

Please submit an answer for each of the questions below. PLEASE NOTE - once you have selected an answer, you can not change your selection.

Your name(Required)
On arrival to the store, what do you need to do?(Required)
Why do we need to sign in and out of a store?(Required)
What is the best practice when you are required to de-merchandise light stock items from the fixtures?(Required)
When should safety boots be worn?(Required)
If you have an accident or near miss, what should you do?(Required)
What does RAMS mean?(Required)
Where can you consume your food whilst on the store premises?(Required)
If you make a purchase at work, what should you do?(Required)
Who is responsible for completing the timesheet each day?(Required)
If you have any questions regarding this video, who do you speak to?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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