Hire vehicle check in form

By completing this form, both you and Bluestones One will be safeguarded from any liability pertaining to damages incurred prior to us hiring the vehicle.

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Vehicle check

Use the text box below to describe any signs of damage present on the vehicle's body and components. Damage can manifest in various forms, including but not limited to:

  • Dents: Deformations or indentations on the vehicle's exterior panels, such as doors, fenders, or the hood.
  • Scratches: Visible markings or abrasions on the paint surface, ranging from minor hairline scratches to deeper gouges.
  • Chips: Missing or chipped areas on the paint, exposing the underlying metal or primer.
  • Cracks: Fractures or splits in the vehicle's glass components, such as the windshield, side windows, or rear window.
  • Rust: Oxidation or corrosion on the metal surfaces, often appearing as reddish-brown discoloration or flaking.

Please carefully inspect all areas of the vehicle, including the front, rear, sides, roof and undercarriage (if visible). If you notice any signs of damage, please describe them in detail, specifying the location and extent of the damage.

However, if the vehicle appears to be in pristine condition with no noticeable signs of damage, please respond with "N/A" (Not Applicable) to indicate that no damage was found during your inspection.

Here is the updated section with the additional photo requirement:

Photo uploads

To properly assess the condition of the vehicle, individuals completing the form are required to upload a total of SIX pictures.

  • A clear photograph of the windscreen to verify if there is any damage or scratches present
  • A picture capturing the front of the vehicle to check for any damage or scratches on that area
  • A photograph of the back of the vehicle to inspect for any damage or scratches on the rear side
  • A picture of the driver's side of the vehicle to evaluate if there are any damages or scratches on that particular side
  • A full picture taken from the back doors, allowing visibility inside the vehicle
  • A photo of the dashboard with the ignition on to capture the fuel level and mileage reading
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Max. file size: 16 MB, Max. files: 6.
    Are you checking the car IN or checking the car OUT?(Required)
    How much fuel does the vehicle have in right now?(Required)
    Is there a locking wheel nut present?(Required)
    Do the tyres have legal thread?(Required)
    Does the vehicle have a spare tyre or an option to repair a tyre should you have a puncture?(Required)
    Name of the person who gave you the keys to the vehicle(Required)