Case study – George Clothing at Asda


Bluestones One was honoured to have been awarded a contract by George Clothing as the sole supplier for the extensive implementation of RFID Tagging across 459 Asda Superstores and Asda Living stores throughout the United Kingdom. The preparation for this monumental 15-week project commenced six months prior, during which the Bluestones One management team actively participated in prestart meetings with George to meticulously finalise the logistical aspects, including equipment deployment, team routes, and in-store training.

The overarching objective was to meticulously tag every item of clothing and packets, both in the warehouses and on the shop floor, utilising security RFID tags. This involved the use of handheld guns to scan and activate each tag. To ensure smooth operations, the teams were equipped with emergency boxes of consumables, along with the tagging equipment, which were diligently charged daily by the Team Leaders in preparation for the following shift.

Team selection.

To guarantee the seamless execution of this project, we handpicked ten of our most seasoned and accomplished Team Leaders who were then assigned to teams of varying sizes, ranging from three to fifteen workers. Throughout the 15-week period, approximately 100 individuals diligently worked in stores for five nights every week, ensuring the timely completion of the project.

Effective communication & monitoring.

Recognising the paramount importance of communication and coordination, we appointed a dedicated overnight Project Manager to serve as the liaison between George, the teams, and our organisation. The Project Manager conducted regular visits to the teams, providing a comprehensive report each morning on the teams’ activities and progress to the Account Manager, who was responsible for handling any queries during the day while the teams rested.

This meticulous reporting system enabled both parties to remain in sync throughout the project, facilitating the swift resolution of any issues that arose. Additionally, the Team Leaders and the Project Manager furnished daily reports, allowing for effective management of overnight queries, and enabling timely follow-up and resolution whenever necessary. Furthermore, our hands-on Bluestones One management team closely monitored the project, ensuring stringent adherence to established standards and guaranteeing top-notch quality.

The Bluestones One Management Team displayed unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in overcoming various logistical challenges associated with equipment deployment and consumables replenishment. To streamline operations, we centralised accommodation in each area on a weekly basis, facilitating easy travel for the teams to different stores. These achievements were made possible through the dedication and unwavering determination of each team member involved.

Positive feedback & future collaboration.

The project garnered exceptional feedback from all team members involved, who expressed their delight and satisfaction in being part of such a high-profile undertaking. Their positive experiences serve as a testament to our capability and provide us with the confidence to support George and other retailers in future endeavours of similar magnitude.

Achieving excellence.

Bluestones One takes immense pride in its indispensable contribution to the resounding success of this project. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our valued customers, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to support George in one of their most ambitious undertakings to date.

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