Asda Clapham: Full Store Re-Fit Programme

The re-fit programme at Asda Clapham was one of the largest schemes in the 2020 programme.


The re-fit programme at Asda Clapham was one of the largest schemes in the 2020 programme. The programme impacted every aspect of the store’s sales floor space, with extensive activity across 16 weeks of resourcing requirements deploying multi-skilled split shift teams supporting on both days and nights.


Due to COVID-19, the programme of works continued to be fluid, working collaboratively with the project manager and the Asda store teams.


The communication across the field team leaders, resource team and account manager through the client project manager & store teams ensured that the project was delivered effectively, ensuring that the skill set was in the right place at the right time. This was a great example of efficiency in resourcing, and a firm control and clear visibility of cost.

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