Across the world, there are successful retail stores increasing basket sizes because of a few simple tactics. Ever noticed why some of the most exciting things are at the entrance of Costco? It’s because they want to showcase the best stock.

If you operate a small store, or even if you’re a manager of a large chain, we’ve put together 6 easy to implement merchandising tactics that will help add value to your shoppers’ basket.

Display the wants not the needs

Customers already know why they’re going into a store, more often than not it’s because they need something. Use a display to feature the higher value items that they want. For example, a customer shopping for screws in a DIY store is likely to get a sense of wanting if they see a high-quality cordless drill.

Break up the aisles with a display

Studies have shown that 20% of a store’s merchandise is looked over due to the monotony of aisles. By introducing areas with different layouts, customers refocus their attention on the products in that area.

Sell the lifestyle and benefits

An effective part of merchandising is showing the customer what the benefits are to them. By incorporating effective product signage and imagery customers can begin to buy into the lifestyle that you are promoting and they will have a better understanding of how the products can benefit them.

Showcase your best stock first

When customers walk into a store they want to be immediately impressed. By showcasing your high ticket items customers are seeing the best you have to offer as soon as they enter. B&Q is a prime example, effectively showcasing items such as hot tubs and BBQs during summer months.

Rotate the featured stock

It’s important that the everyday items remain in the same place so that returning customers know where to head. However, to increase basket size throughout the year, relevant stock should be rotated. After all, there’s no point in promoting BBQs in November (unless you live in Australia!)

Prop your window display

Customers are attuned to window displays of products. Almost every store on the high street showcases their products. To gain an edge over your competitors try incorporating eye-catching props that may not necessarily relate to your products but will grab the attention of the shopper.