Marks & Spencer – Leeds

White Rose marked our second collaboration with M&S, following a successful project at their York City Centre store in March.


Bluestones One was honoured to be chosen by M&S to assist them with post-launch support at their highly anticipated new mega store at White Rose in Leeds.

Given the extensive press coverage surrounding the store’s grand opening at both local and national levels, we were proud to be involved in this project. This marked our second collaboration with M&S, following a successful project at their York City Centre store in March.

Team selection.

To ensure the smooth delivery of the project, the team was selected based on their previous experience on clothing, home, and food projects, along with their proven track record of delivering a high standard. The skill set of the team enabled us to cover key areas of the new M&S store effectively.

Health & safety.

Adhering to our strict health and safety protocols, we ensured a safe working environment throughout the project. The team leader conducted a thorough site induction, covering all necessary health and safety procedures, including familiarising the team with the nearest fire exits and hospitals. By prioritising safety, we aimed to mitigate any potential risks or hazards.

Communication & monitoring.

To maintain effective communication with M&S, we utilised Teams chat as a primary communication channel. This allowed both parties to stay aligned throughout the project, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues that arose. 

 The team leader provided daily reports, enabling effective management of overnight concerns. Moreover, our hands-on Bluestones One management team closely monitored the project, guaranteeing quality and ensuring compliance with established standards.

Overcoming challenges.

As M&S is a relatively new client of ours, this project required adapting to a new way of working. However, this is something that all members of the Bluestones One team are both used to and good at, which ensured a seamless integration into the project.


Positive feedback & future collaboration.

All team members involved in the project expressed their enjoyment and satisfaction in working on this high-profile piece of activity. Their positive experience instils confidence in supporting M&S with future projects. The success of this project has prompted M&S to confirm there will be future projects that require our support.

Achieving excellence.

Bluestones One takes great pride in its contribution to the fantastic outcome of this project. The store’s appearance is truly stunning, reflecting the dedication and hard work invested by everyone involved in the project. We are grateful for the opportunity to support M&S as they continue to develop their store estate.

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