Meet the team

Meet Garry Leck – Lead Resource Co-ordinator

As part of our ‘Meet the team’ series, we are featuring different team members of Bluestones One such as Team Leaders, Merchandisers and Installers, to find out more about their typical day at work and why they like working at Bluestones One.

Meet Garry Leck

Tell us about your role at Bluestones One
I am the Lead Resource Coordinator and have been with Bluestones One almost three years now. I started out in the field as a Merchandiser, then moved up to Team Leader before I got offered a permanent role within the office. I spend most of my time based in our North East office where we run a small team responsible for allocating the work to the field staff. On a day to day basis, we allocate the work and resources needed for each job site.

How would you normally start your day at work?
The start of each day is different and led by what has happened the previous night. The main priority is to resolve any day to day challenges or additional requests generated by the night teams. Once resolved we can move onto the planning of the following days and weeks.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
A typical day is mainly dealing with enquiries generated on-site whilst trying to organise the following weeks. If we can get everyone into a job they like with people they enjoy working with, our job is made so much easier.

What do you find challenging?
Everyone has different priorities and everyone always wants things doing promptly. Trying to find the balance and trying to do the best for everyone is tough sometimes. I wish everyone could experience a day in the office, it’s not the place where we just drink coffee and eat biscuits, although that does often help!

What do you enjoy?
It’s different every day. We deal with hundreds of different people and we all have different lives and different issues. If we can help or resolve those concerns and problems it makes everyone’s life a little better. It doesn’t always work but when it does, it’s great!

What’s the best thing about working at Bluestones One?
Bluestones One is a big company so you get that reassurance of guaranteed pay (we can all pretend that it’s not important, but it is really). However, it’s also small enough that everyone cares. All the directors know all the staff and are very approachable. As a company, they will always try and help resolve any challenges we face and support staff wherever possible. There aren’t many companies that I can say I would trust, but Bluestones One is definitely one of them!

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