We know how important point of purchase (POP) installations are in a retail environment, which is why it can be really frustrating when something goes wrong with them or they are not working as effectively as they could be.

We’ve had numerous retail customers over the years who have used other POP installers initially. They’ve called us because they’ve not been installed properly, they look untidy and they’re not working properly.

After completing thousands of POP installations, we’re in a great position to advise on what a good POP installation looks like. Here’s our advice…

Getting the right POP display

Getting the most out of a POP display starts at the very beginning. POP displays come in all shapes and sizes and picking the right display from the very beginning is important.

Nothing looks more untidy than products on a POP display that’s not suitable. We see it time and again where stores have been advised poorly by installers and shop fitters. Carry out research, go into competitor stores and see what POP displays they are using and for which products.

Typical POP issues

Check spelling before ordering POP displays and then check it again. There’s nothing worse than glancing over a proof, approving it and realising that upon taking delivery there are words spelled wrong or that the grammar is poor.

Don’t rely on the designer to double check the work, they may have hundreds of pieces going out that week.

Using the right material is important too, and this goes back to picking the right POP display for your products. By using a local supplier where possible, you can visit the warehouse or factory and see a physical copy of what your display could look like.

There’s nothing better than a POP display that is perfectly fitted to its products and if it’s possible to get a sample or view it before purchase that can help an incredible amount.

Having POP displays installed professionally

By working with customers all over Europe we often see an immediate solution for the improvement of POP displays. In small to medium size retailers in particular POP displays are often installed by the staff working there.

We can provide advice and installation services that can dramatically improve and deliver better sales results from existing POP displays.

If it’s a new display, expert merchandisers and installers can help advise on the techniques that will result in an increase in sales as a result of a better POP display.