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What we do

As a supplier of personnel and services to the supply chain, we believe it is important to provide training opportunities to ensure the industry is staffed with individuals who are passionate, have the relevant skills and understand the sector and their role within it.


Real qualifications

All our unique training programmes are tailored to the skills and qualifications the industry needs, ensuring employers can upskill their existing workforce and candidates can pursue employment having gained the confidence and essential qualifications to do so.

Awarding bodies we work with include:

  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management
  • The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
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Blended learning

Working closely with employers and awarding bodies, we’re able to deliver training through a blend of onsite experience and offsite classroom-based sessions.

Bluestones One employ successful trainees directly, meaning that clients have avail of a highly skilled and managed outsourced workforce who can operate across the sector. This gives our clients the flexibility to increase and decrease staffing levels to meet business needs, without compromising on productivity and skill-set. We work with our staff to multi-skill them, ensuring that they have consistent employment whilst businesses remains lean and adaptable with access to our skilled talent pool.

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