Meet the team

Meet Andy Smethurst – Account Manager

As part of our ‘Meet the team’ series, we are featuring different team members of Bluestones One such as Team Leaders, Merchandisers and Installers, to find out more about their typical day at work and why they like working at Bluestones One.

Andy Smethurst

Tell us about your role at Bluestones One
I’m an Account Manager. 

How would you normally start your day at work?
Reviewing the previous day’s / night’s progress and activity to ensure everything has gone smoothly, on track and the customer is happy.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
It can be very varied from one day to the next, but my priority is ensuring our customers receive best in class service from us.

What do you find challenging?
Last minute changes to plans or schedules can be challenging, but this can also be rewarding when the project lands and you know the changes were for the best.

What do you enjoy?
The variety of customers, projects and the enthusiasm of the people that I work with.

What’s the best thing about working at Bluestones One?
The people and the variety of projects.

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