B&Q Paint Neutron

Bluestones One is honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with B&Q and its partners in the implementation of their expansive paint refresh initiative.


Bluestones One is honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with B&Q and its partners in the implementation of their expansive paint refresh initiative, entitled ‘Paint Neutron’. In order to sustain its position as a leader in the paint industry, B&Q must continuously adapt its offerings and services to meet the ever-changing demands of its customer base.

As a critical component of this refresh, Bluestones One was entrusted with the responsibility of executing engagement visits, developing phasing plans, conducting implementation meetings, furnishing comprehensive CDM documentation, and deploying expert teams of installation and merchandising personnel.



Bluestones One provide the following aspects for every project.


In most cases, Bluestones One Team was the principle contractor and provided site management cover for every store.

Over the course of 5 to 15 days per store, our team worked overnight to tackle the challenge of executing store phasing and racking rebuilds in accordance with the new store plan. Our scope of work extended beyond the mere physical installation of new structures, and included activities such as merchandise alignment to planograms, deployment of POS across all store areas, repositioning of high-level isle number signage, and relocation and reconstruction of paint desks.

Given the tight timeframe and the complexity of the project, meticulous planning was essential to ensure the successful completion of all tasks to a high standard. Our team’s goal was to ensure that each store was fully prepared to commence trading the following day.


Bluestones One received fantastic feedback from the customer for the delivery and results of such a large-scale programme.

Completed 59 store moves & refreshes

Bluestones One team successfully completed a total of 59 B&Q store moves and refreshes over an 18-week period.

The highest standards

Bluestones One was able to deliver an optimal solution that effectively transformed the appearance and aesthetics of all stores, resulting in an enhanced and superior overall finish.

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Have a project in mind?

Every one of our solutions is tailored to each individual retailer and their requirements to ensure a seamless project delivery, whether that’s in one shop or across a full store estate.

We work with our retail customers to understand the skill sets needed for each project, then our Resource Team plan according to these needs.

Shelving in a store

High quality, reliable services

Bluestones One provide a high quality, reliable installation and merchandising teams to carry out relevant services for retailers across the UK, on-time and on-budget, creating value and using technology to deliver our customer-centric approach.