Wickes: Leicester Relocation


Bluestones One’s Merchandising team supported Wickes in their latest relocation project in Leicester, supporting with the closure of their central Leicester store and the opening of their new store a few miles down the road in Wigston.


Wickes Leicester required a partner that was able to efficiently and effectively relocate one store to another with minimal disruption. We implemented this project in three phases.

Phase 1 – Warehouse Reduction – During this phase, we were able to empty the entire warehouse of stock and work it on to the shop floor.

Phase 2 – Merchandising of the new store – We supplied a team of 12 people for 6 days to merchandise the complete store.

Phase 3 – Counting and transferring stock – We counted and transferred all of the stock from the Leicester store in order to quickly and efficiently empty the store.


This piece of activity was completed 1 week ahead of schedule and under budget.

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