Automotive quality control is one of the most integral parts of the production process for so many reasons. Manufacturers spend a great deal of money on ensuring their cars roll off the production line with a quality seal. But why is quality control so important and what are companies doing to improve the process?

VW emissions scandal

The VW emissions scandal was one of the largest controversies to occur in the automotive sector. VW had fitted emissions cheating devices to its 2Ltr Diesel engines vehicles, allowing them to pass emissions tests and sell the vehicles to the mass market.

When the cars were found to be cheating the system during laboratory tests, VW was forced to recall and retrofit more than 11 million vehicles. Although VW has a strong record of quality control, and the car maker has an excellent safety record, the scandal highlights the importance of a strong quality control procedure that encompasses all aspects of the vehicle from cup holders through to emissions.

Automotive quality control saves money

Quality control can assist in preventing the future retrofit of vehicles and thus save time and money during the process. By using quality control experts, companies can utilise the experience and knowledge to assess faulty parts. This prevents the mass roll out of unsuitable parts and allows the process of calculating the grey cost to begin.

What is grey cost?

Determining the grey cost is about calculating the effect that a defective or unsuitable part flagged up by quality control has had on the process. This is the cost of distribution to the plant from the supplier, the cost of processing the part, adding the part, quality checking the part and, of course, the cost of the part.

The grey cost is not easy to calculate, it can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to prove an exact figure. To discuss how Bluestones One can help you calculate the grey cost quickly, effectively and digitally, contact us today.

Quality control increases safety

Safety is the primary concern for most people when it comes to buying a car. Part of any quality control procedure is to effectively prevent any issues that could cause safety issues in the future.

Quality controllers will check everything from seatbelts and airbags to screws and bolts that hold seating in place. It will continually be checked throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that suppliers are sending suitable parts.

Without quality control expertise in place, the consistency throughout the build could waiver and safety could become a major issue.

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