Temporary workers usually sign in and out via a signing-in book. It is easy for them to record the time incorrectly or ask others to sign-in for them. Our software ensures you know exactly where your temporary workforce is at all times.GPSTemps can only sign-in once they are in a pre-agreed, geo-located ringfenced area.

This information can be accessed anywhere, at any time – using the Bluestones One software.

We can also see when candidates are on their way to work, if they’re likely to be late or not show at all, whether they are working on site, or if they have finished their shift.


  1. Increased productivity – we can backfill your positions before it has a knock-on effect to your business. We can see if a candidate is likely to be late or not show and can send a replacement before the shift start time!
  2. No time theft – from candidates asking colleagues to sign them in before they’re on-site.
  3. 100% correct invoices – as there’s no way for temps to cheat the system and sign in without being physically present.