While many people might believe that inbound and outbound sales jobs fall into the same category, the truth is there are many differences between the responsibilities and tasks taken on by an inbound and outbound sales advisor.

Both roles do have a lot of crossovers – individuals working in inbound or outbound sales advisor positions share many of the same skill sets that are necessary to be successful in the job.

What are the differences?

The hint is in the words inbound and outbound. Those working in outbound sales advisor roles have to directly reach out to customers and prospective customers, whether they are cold or warm leads, to start the sales process.

An inbound advisor, on the other hand, is responsible for dealing with incoming queries. The joy with inbound queries from customers, or potential customers, is that they have already made a decision or are interested in purchasing the product or service the company is selling.

The subtle difference between a customer instigating the contact and an advisor making it completely change the dynamics of communication between the two. Inbound advisors are dealing with individuals who are ready and willing to talk, whereas outbound advisors are approaching those with little or no motivation for talking to the company.

Inbound Sales Advisor

Many people think inbound advisors have a relaxed job, but there is still a lot of skill involved in the role they do. While the customer is the one taking the lead of the interaction, the advisor still has to be able to accurately listen and identify the customer’s needs whilst progressing the communication.

Inbound sales calls don’t always start off on the right foot though – customers may be contacting from a place of anger or upset (think about insurance or internet providers!) so the advisor has to be able to effectively navigate the interaction to avoid causing extra aggravation. They also have to be able to resolve the situation and reach an outcome that leaves the customer happy.

Outbound Sales Advisor

On the flip side, outbound advisors often get a bad rap. They normally intrude on people’s time and can come across as forceful, which is why employers look for a certain type of person with the right attributes when hiring outbound advisors.

People working in an outbound role need to have the power of persuasion and the drive necessary to close sales. Due to the nature of outbound calls, advisors also need to be able to deal with hostility, remaining polite and calm under pressure. Due to the nature of outbound calls, advisors can expect to take home a higher level of commission than those working in inbound roles.

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