Hiring a new employee can be incredibly time-consuming; there’s the task of writing the job advert, advertising it, reviewing and shortlisting applicants, going through the interview process, choosing a candidate and finally making a job offer, and that’s just the basics!

From identifying and attracting the right talent to negotiating terms, finding the right recruitment agency to support your hiring process can relieve a huge amount of pressure and time.

You may be hesitant to work with a recruitment agency, but here are some of the benefits of using an agency in your search for new employees, whether they’re temporary or permanent staff.

Recruitment agency benefitsTime saved – Imagine all the time you spend at the beginning of the hiring process reviewing the hundreds of CVs and applications you receive, to try and find the applicants who are qualified and have the right skills – and that might only be for a single position. Recruiters will take all of that off your hands. They will become almost like an extended member of your team, fully understanding your business and its needs, enabling them to screen the applications for candidates who are the right fit for your vacancy.

Access to the best – Recruitment agencies are well networked and have their own database of talent they can pull directly from – exactly the people you might be looking for but may not have access to. These people may not be on the job boards you’re advertising on or they might not be actively looking for a new position, but the recruitment agency has direct access to them.

Cost – Many companies wrongly assume bringing their recruitment efforts in-house will save them money, but when you consider the cost of advertising your vacancies and the administrative costs associated with facilitating the hiring process, the reality is it can be more cost effective to work with a recruitment agency. As well as taking care of the hiring process, agencies usually have allocations with the top job boards so you can sleep easy knowing your vacancy is advertised in all the right places, attracting the right talent.

The screening process – A recruitment agency will only put a candidate in front of you once they’ve been fully screened – they will run background checks on applicants, follow up with references and conduct preliminary interviews, all making sure the candidates match what they say on their CV.

Relationship – Build a relationship with an agency you trust and they will be an extension of your team. After your first hire through them, all subsequent hires will go even more smoothly – the agency will be completely in tune with what you expect from them and what qualities you look for in an employee.

At Bluestones One, we’re the ideal recruitment partner to connect you with your perfect candidate, whether you’re an industrial or commercial company. And we use the latest technology to make recruitment easier for you. Talk to us about how we can help you with your recruitment needs.