Why it’s important to keep your CV up to date

Keeping your CV up to date on a regular basis, is it worth it? It can be tempting to forget about your CV once you’ve secured a new position or have been happily in your job for a couple of years – allowing it to accumulate virtual dust in the depths of your PC’s files or very real dust in the back of your drawer – but even if you’re not searching for a new position there are some very good reasons why you should keep your CV up to date.

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Minimum Wage increase 2018: What you need to know

On the 1st April, the National Living Wage and Minimum Wage are set to increase again with one of the largest increases seen in a decade. The rates, which are reviewed yearly by the government, are advised by the independent body Low Pay Commission and rise to match inflation.

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Be honest with us, we don’t bite

How do we get the best working relationship with you? As recruiters, we are here to help you but we can’t if we don’t have a good relationship, where honesty is paramount.

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What’s the deal with zero hour contracts?

In the UK, over 880,000 people are on a zero hour contract, but there seems to be some confusion over what actually constitutes a zero hour contract and whether they are actually beneficial to the employees on them.

According to the National Office of Statistics, there is no single agreed definition of what zero hour contracts are, while says that zero hour contracts mean employers can have workers who are on call when they need them – they don’t have to give them work and the employee doesn’t have to do work when asked. Zero hour workers are entitled to statutory annual leave and the National Minimum Wage in the same way as regular workers.

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Why is employee engagement important in the warehouse sector?

Some people may believe that employee engagement within the warehouse sector isn’t necessary or is complicated, but the truth is, it can make the difference between having an unprofitable or profitable business.

Research has found that disengaged employees can cost an organisation approximately £2,500 for every £7,500 in annual salary. Simply put, companies with disengaged staff are less profitable than businesses with engaged employees.

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The benefits of working with a recruitment agency

Hiring a new employee can be incredibly time-consuming; there’s the task of writing the job advert, advertising it, reviewing and shortlisting applicants, going through the interview process, choosing a candidate and finally making a job offer, and that’s just the basics!

From identifying and attracting the right talent to negotiating terms, finding the right recruitment agency to support your hiring process can relieve a huge amount of pressure and time.

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The dos and don’ts of working in a warehouse

Warehouses can be potentially dangerous places if correct health and safety procedures aren’t followed and common sense isn’t used. While it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safe running of the warehouse, every member of staff working on the floor play a part in making sure their working environment is safe and procedures are followed.

Here are a few safety dos and don’ts to help you while working in a warehouse. 

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Increased manager productivity

At present, if you want to check which temps are where, you will need to physically go on to the shop floor to check the signing-in book or do a head count. It would be difficult and time consuming to find out exactly who hadn’t shown up.

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Complimentary tablet

We will give you a complimentary tablet preloaded with our specialist software, along with free training for you and your colleagues.

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Candidate and client ratings

Our software asks for our clients to rate their candidates once they complete an assignment. It also allows our candidates to rate the client (in confidence).

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