We know that time is precious. And there are so many things competing for your time. That’s why we’re confident that taking a few minutes out of your day to read this message, will definitely help improve your recruitment and temporary worker activities.

Per second billing appBluestones One offers all its industrial clients a dedicated app to help manage temporary workforces.

We offer PER SECOND BILLING as standard

Your current supplier will charge you for the shift start & finish times… even if a temp is late! If a temp is late they won’t normally sign in. They’ll bypass the signing in book, so you’ll end up paying for full shifts even if a temp hasn’t actually completed them.

Our candidates sign in and out on their smartphones. This information generates a timesheet at the end of each week with all hours worked (down to the second) meaning you only pay for the time your temp has spent on site.


  • You WILL save money
  • You WILL save time – no more cross-checking and signing off paper timesheets
  • All temporary workers will be paid 100% correctly, meaning all of your invoices are 100% correct.

If this sounds interesting, then call us on 01244 555 090 to find out how we can help make your recruitment experience better.