Your current agency will typically expect you to pay an hourly charge rate based on shift start and finish times. This is fine when temps start and finish on time. But in reality, how often does that happen? The Bluestones One software uses GPS tracking software to restrict temps from logging in until they’re actually on site.

No more time theftThis means:

You only pay for the time your temps have spent on site.

Right down to the second!

Temps simply won’t be paid until they arrive on site and have started work.

And because this is all managed through our specialist technology, you have complete control and visibility of what’s happening and when – either through the FREE tablet we give you or via our online portal.


  1. This will save you money.
  2. Ensures all your invoices are 100% correct, with no human errors possible.
  3. Ensures all candidates are paid 100% correctly, thus increasing motivation and productivity levels.
  4. Highlights punctual and reliable workers.