With your normal agency, you’ll typically have to physically travel to remote sites to see who is in, or wait for a phone call alerting you to who is working, late, finished or a no-show. We believe that managing remote sites doesn’t need to be like this.

Real-time view of your temps

The Bluestones One software allows you to log on from anywhere, at any time, on your FREE* tablet to give you a real-time view of your temporary workforce.

*speak to us today to claim your FREE tablet


  • This will save you time and increase productivity levels
  • Gives you real-time management information at the click of a finger
  • Enables multi-site management without the need to travel.

Making your recruitment experience better.

We provide contract, temporary and permanent recruitment services to industrial and commercial companies. And we use the latest technology to make recruitment easier for you. Error-free timesheets, reducing time theft, per second billing, GPS signing-inup-front candidate testing and enabling the management of remote sites, are just some of the ways we do this.There are so many more… talk to us about our temporary worker app and how it can help you.

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