We’re very pleased to welcome John Rooney to Bluestones One. John will be working with the Managed Services division of Bluestones One as Special Projects Director. Tempted out of retirement, John has already hit the ground running by going on manufacturer site visits with Operations Director, Greg Fields, asking marketing for print requirements and sorting through client data (and it’s only his fourth day). 

John Rooney

John Rooney joins Bluestones One

Before going into a short-lived retirement, John worked at Vauxhall Motors for over 40 years starting there as an Apprentice and learning the ropes in electrical, metalwork and engineering. From there, John processed through a variety of different roles in Engineering, Quality, Production and Technical, gaining the opportunity to travel all over the world. In his most recent role at Vauxhall, John managed 130 people as Quality Operations Manager.

Now with his feet firmly back in the Wirral, John is looking forward to working in a completely different environment, making positive changes to clients processes and taking the time to pursue his passion for photography.

If you’d like to find out more about how John or the managed services team can support your business, contact the team or find John on LinkedIn.