Car production is big business, and there is a lot of money involved in the process. Last year, 1.72 million cars rolled off the assembly line in the UK alone creating a turnover of £71bn in 2016.

Manufacturers at all levels with the supply chain are under pressure to meet deadlines and targets. Thus, there can be faults with parts and consequently with the car. Additionally, faulty or incorrect parts that are placed into vehicles can cost automakers millions.

Why the supply chain needs their own quality control representative

It’s important therefore that the supply chain has qualified quality control representatives that can assess parts and determine the suitability of them on behalf of the manufacturer.

Most car manufacturing plants have an in-house quality control company that operates on behalf of that plant. However, it could be argued that the best interests of the supply chain are not represented in this equation.

It is often the case that the suppliers are in different countries across varied time zones and subsequently, it can be difficult to organise a quality control representative in that region.

Many of our clients require quality control services across the globe at a moment’s notice. It’s imperative that queries over parts do not prevent the continuation of the production line.

As a dedicated representative of the supply chain, Bluestones One’s staff are highly trained on all the parts and can be deployed quickly to provide a quality control service that best represents the original manufacturer.

Clients can also use this arrangement for business development. Having a dedicated team that can supply a fast, accurate and knowledgeable QA service is a bonus to automakers. In turn, the supply chain can sell the security of an immediately available and knowledgeable quality controller to potential clients. You may never need a quality controller, but it’s comforting to know that Bluestones One is the preferred choice of many.

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