The emergence of the electric vehicle (EVs) requires an upskilling of the workforce according to Mark Sweeney, Director at Bluestones One. The automotive training and staff provider is urging the industry to invest in its people to help further improve the British automotive sector.

In the last 12 months, the move towards electric vehicle production has accelerated considerably. Governments around the world have put pressure on the industry to move away from diesel and petrol car production towards the cleaner EV option.

French president Emmanuel Macron has promised the complete removal of diesel vehicle production by 2032. In China, electric vehicles will make up one-fifth of the light vehicle sales by 2025.

Mark Sweeny believes that in order for the UK to keep pace with other countries there needs to be an investment in training and upskilling of the UK automotive workforce. He said:

The industry is moving at a fast pace right now. We’ve just seen the largest year in production since 1971 but as part of that, there are significant changes. Manufacturers worldwide are investing in production lines and staff profiles to ensure they are competitive within the EV space. It’s imperative that in the UK similar investment is made to improve knowledge within the sector.

Why is there a need for automotive training?

EVs are the biggest change in the automotive landscape this century. In the UK, the government is hoping to eradicate diesel and petrol vehicles in total by 2040. As a result, the industry requires knowledge and innovation.

Jaguar Land Rover has pledged to roll out electrification of future models and they have large plants in the UK. In order to do this, upskilling the current workforce is vital. As well as assisting with innovation, automotive training also improves efficiency.

For example, with Plus Point’s Improvement Programme, attendees benefit from Lean six sigma training. This training has helped numerous clients make their production lines more efficient and make significant cost savings.

Crucially it is the cost saving which can be passed on to customers which will make the difference in sales within the EV sector. Automakers are aware that they need to get their production right to win customers over.

By investing in training and upskilling their workforce they can help improve efficiencies and achieve cost-savings. To find out more about how the Bluestones One Training services can help your organisation train its staff and improve on efficiencies and costs, contact us today.