Temps usually sign in and out via a signing-in book, but this can often result in workers forgetting to sign in, or that sign in at the wrong time.

The usual process is that this information is then transferred to a paper timesheet which will then be signed and chased for authorisation.

There’s a chance for human error to creep in throughout this process, or simply for the paper signing in sheet to go missing – but our software puts a stop to this.

Temps sign in and out via their smartphones.

Temps can only sign in and out via their smartphones once they are in a pre-agreed, geo-location ringfenced area. This information will then filter into a consolidated, error-free timesheet at the end of the week, which can be authorised by a click of a finger from your FREE tablet, anywhere, at any time


  • This will save you time – no more chasing temps for timesheets or cross-checking hours
  • It will save you money – 100% correct invoices, every time! You only pay for the work that has been carried out.
  • Ensures accurate pay for all temps.

Making your recruitment experience better.

We provide contract, temporary and permanent recruitment services to industrial and commercial companies. And we use the latest technology to make recruitment easier for you. Error-free timesheets, reducing time theftper second billingGPS signing-in and up-front candidate testing are just some of the ways we do this.There are so many more… talk to us about our temporary worker app and how it can help you.

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