Quality control

What is Audi’s new quality assurance technology?

The quality assurance process is one of the most important aspects of the automotive production cycle. It identifies areas for improvement, saves on costs by noting areas where regular issues occur and ultimately it ensures that vehicles exit the warehouse in the best condition possible.

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Why is automotive quality control so important?

Automotive quality control is one of the most integral parts of the production process for so many reasons. Manufacturers spend a great deal of money on ensuring their cars roll off the production line with a quality seal.

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How to reduce risk for car makers and suppliers

Car production is big business, and there is a lot of money involved in the process. Last year, 1.72 million cars rolled off the assembly line in the UK alone creating a turnover of £71bn in 2016.

Manufacturers at all levels with the supply chain are under pressure to meet deadlines and targets. Thus, there can be faults with parts and consequently with the car. Additionally, faulty or incorrect parts that are placed into vehicles can cost automakers millions.

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Quality management and the future of automotive

The automotive industry is one of the fastest advancing sectors in the world. The technological advances over the last 5 decades are a testament to that. The introduction of satellite navigation systems, safety precautions and even electric windows illustrate just how far car manufacturing has progressed.

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Make sure that your next customer receives the best product possible

In countless automotive manufacturing facilities, many employees view the quality personnel as “the bad guys”. “Their whole job is to come out and beat up manufacturing when processes don’t produce quality products,” they complain. “We can’t help it. Why are they always on our backs” There’s some truth to that.

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