How do we get the best working relationship with you? As recruiters, we are here to help you but we can’t if we don’t have a good relationship, where honesty is paramount.

Life can be hectic, doctors’ appointments, childcare falling through, having to work overtime, all things that can get in the way of you finding your next role. We’re nice people, we understand and as the consultant representing you we want to support you. So, if you can’t make an interview, don’t worry! Just let us know and we’ll sort the rest, whether that’s rearranging or putting that role on the back burner, at least we can be honest with the company recruiting and not jeopardise anyone’s relationship.

The same transparency goes for what roles you’re after as well, be open with us about what sort of roles you are looking for and we can make sure we only put you forward for the vacancies you’re actually interested in and have the right skills for. If you’re not truthful with us about your experience and elaborate on the skills you possess, you’ll also start receiving roles that aren’t right for you via the Bluestones One technology. There is nothing worse than being put forward and getting a role you’re not the right fit for, it’s bad for you, it’s bad us and it’s bad for the company.

At Bluestones One we believe in building relationships with our candidates and clients to really get to know them, it produces the most effective and efficient working environment. Remember, we’re here for you and we strive to get you into new roles you’ll enjoy. The last thing we want is to push you into a job that isn’t right for you or comes at a bad time in your life.

So, what do you think? Honesty is the best policy after all.